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Mail Policy.

Mail will be distributed Monday through Friday.

Inmates are permitted to correspond with any person(s) not in the facility, as long as the correspondence does not violate any State or Federal laws or court-ordered injunction from any jurisdiction. PLEASE NOTE: If you are receiving any mail from an inmate housed in this facility with which you are a direct party to a court-ordered injunction, please contact Leslie County Detention Center immediately.

All mail must be sent in a plain envelope, with a clearly written return address, correct name and address of the intended recipient on the front. No drawing or other artwork is allowed on the outside of the envelope.

Only one plain greeting card for holidays and birthdays will be permitted. Cards may not contain glitter, ribbons and/or appliques, etc.

No packages will be accepted via mail. This also includes any third-party packages from, for example, Amazon, Barns & Noble, etc.

Inmates are permitted to have only five (5) photographs in their possession. Photographs which contain nudity or other inappropriate content will be destroyed. No inkjet or laser prints allowed.

MP3 Players and earbuds are permitted at this facility. However, they may not have internet access or video/audio recording capabilities.

All mail must be written with a pencil, blue or black ink only. Mail written with or containing crayons, magic markers, sharpies, stickers, perfume, lipstick or whiteout will not be accepted.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1893
Hyden, KY. 41749

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